VIDEO: Ghanaian pastor allegedly rapes church member

VIDEO: Ghanaian pastor allegedly rapes church member

VIDEO: Ghanaian pastor allegedly rapes church member

Weeks ago, a lady came ranting on social media that a pastor (name withheld) has forced himself on her in bed several times and thus she never liked it hence her outburst.

The lady who happens to be a church member of the pastor said in an interview that she went to his house with the intention to help him tidy up his house but was met with a bad agenda by the minister.

Well, the pastor has shared his side of the story in an exclusive interview with Kofi Adomah Nwawanii on Angel FM in Accra.

The pastor before explaining his side of the story to the host debunked the allegations by the lady. He stated that he never raped her.

In the pastor’s narration on how he met her, he said it was through that his junior pastor that he met the lady who’s now accusing him of raping her.

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According to him, his junior pastor linked the lady up to him on the grounds of her coming to tidy up the house, wash his clothes and cook for him. Though he never liked the idea, his junior pastor’s wife convinced him to accept that idea.

Truly the lady’s services at his house were good and he liked it so he suggested to her to next time when coming around bring along her kids so that even if she’s not able to finish her chores they can sleep in his house.

The pastor, unmarried, after continuously seeing the lady in his house and performing wifely duties took the opportunity to propose to her; she accepted.

He further in his narration disclosed that after the lady accepted his proposal knowing very well she’s a mother of one started to have an affair with her. According to him, they did more wild sex games in bed to pleasure each other.



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