SHS student shot dead for stealing gold


This time in the same manso area ( manso Nyankomase) a gun has been fired once again.

Miners spend a lot of money digging pits and hiring excavators before the physical gold  seen, however, there is particular sand the galamseyers normally call “black.”

This sand is dark in color and is the sand which harbours the gold.

However, it has become the habit of robbers in this area that, they wait for the “black” to be collected then, they quickly come in to steal it from the galamseyers.

It happened that, the deceased was among the group which attacked the galamseyers to rob them of the “black” after it was being transported from the site.

They managed to steal the black from them but one of the galamseyers had a gun on him and started shooting back at the robbers.

He eventually shot one of them whiles the others managed to escape. The deceased was a native if the town and had just completed SHS.

He died after being rushed to the hospital and mentioned all the names of his gang before his exit.

This came as a surprise considering the fact that the deceased is very young and just completed SHS. No one ever suspected him of being an armed robber.

In 2019, three people were shot dead by the police for armed robbery in the same area and all of them were natives of the town.


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