Pastor rapes co-pastor’s 11-year-old daughter

Pastor rapes co-pastor’s 11-year-old daughter
Pastor rapes co-pastor’s 11-year-old daughter

Information reaching indicates that. Nigerian pastor identified as Joseph Anthony, a minister with Living Faith Church in aka Winners Chapel, Imo State, Nigeria has been arrested for the alleged rape of a minor,

According to our sources the 11-year-old victim is the daughter of a colleague pastor who has been identified as Pastor Chukwuma Okoronkwo.

This incident has resulted in a a severe outrage from several social media users who have taken to various social media platforms to criticise the pastor and his church.

According to police spokesperson, SP Orlando Ikeokwu, Pastor Okoronkwo father of the victim has had offered Pastor Anthony accommodation in his home. The accused however, took advantage of his generosity and carnal knowledge of his 11-years old daughter whilst he was alone with her.

The accused, Pastor Joseph Anthony, has vehemently died committing the act and insist that indeed he did think of it but never put it into action.

He further added that he had just been transferred to the Njaba chapter of Winners Chapel and was waiting to be assigned a residential apartment which neccessitated Pastor Okoronkwo to offer him accommodation in his residence.

The accused is currently in custody as police continue their investigations.

Source: ghpage


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