Meet The Oldest Identical Twins Alive In Ghana As They Celebrate Their 120th Birthday


These two granny have melted the hearts of a lot of social media users after a photo of them was posted on social media to mark their 120th Birthday.

Life indeed is a blessing to some people not only money or luxurious Lifestyle should be referred to as blessing. Even as you read this article, your current age is by the grace and mercy of God because many never had such ages but have painfully left us. Even though many Christians will say that the life expectancy of every human given by God is 70 years, above this age is a blessing says the Bible

I agree with this though but some people even at this age look more younger than the age can depict. Unfortunately for this our generation, many people are painfully wiping off at tender ages as compared to the olden days. Many readers here will agree with me that humans of this our generation are finding it very difficult to even meet the age set by the Bible. What actually could be the causes of this problem? Nobody can tell but let us keep on being mindful of ourselves and we will meet the ages we have been praying for before we finally depart from the world.

This Identical twins of 120 years old have inspired a lot of people with their looks as they celebrate their birthday. They have come a long way considering their age and therefore, the need to be celebrated.

Their photo which was posted by a facebook user on his page got a lot of people showering these granny with lovely congratulatory messages to celebrate them. Others also use the opportunity to tap into their blessings by praying for such grace from the most high God.

You can also do your best by saying a word to them as part of their celebration. Your views and comments are welcomed below.

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