Kennedy Agyapong should kill his deviant daughter – Nana Tornado

Kennedy Agyapong should kill his deviant daughter – Nana Tornado

Kennedy Agyapong should kill his deviant daughter – Nana Tornado

Actor Nana Tornado has in a new video juxtaposed Kennedy Agyapong killing his deviant daughter Anell to the foundation of Christian faith which is God sending his son Jesus to die for our sins.

The actor, known for his hilarious role in the hit TV series Afia Schwarzenegger, has derided the Christian faith on a number of ocassions recently.

Tornado whose assertions about Christianity clearly show he is an unbeliever mentioned that religion especially Christianity is a complete hoax.

Although born to a pastor, the comic actor reached a decision to sway from Christianity because he thought the Bible makes no sense.

According to him, our slave masters posing as missionaries came with the Bible and indoctrinated us just so they could steal our gold and precious minerals.

“Our slave masters came here in the name of Christianity and with the Bible telling us that there is a city called heaven made of gold while they raped our women and stole our gold”, he said

Tornado when asked by the show host, Fiifi Pratt, if he believed in Jesus stated that to him the death of Christ is just fabricated.

He is quoted saying, “ I repeat I will bow down to worship Kantanka like a god and not Jesus. Jesus has no power. All those men of God who claim to have received a call from God are liars. Imagine a God that only speaks to some of his children. He must be a bias then.”

Tornado was also heard saying that if God thought some of his children were rebellious he could wipe them out.


He added that Kennedy should also kill his daughter if he thought she was out of hand.

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