Day 5 JHS 3 in school

Day 5 JHS 3 in school
Day 5 JHS 3 in school

By: Kwabena Gyamfi. Greater Accra.

Our teachers guide us to adhere to the preventive measures.

Today is the 5th day that pupils in the JHS 3 went back to school to take a 12 week study to write their final exams as said by the Government.
Going round in some of the schools in Accra in the Ga West Municipality, we notice that all the schools are doing well to take the precaution measures serious to help combat the corona virus.
Both pupils and teachers were in their nose mask and their hand sanitizer on their tables.
Going to Kuntunse M/A 1 to 4 which is the only Junior High School in the community to serve more than 10 communities, the press notice that parents did well by giving their wards nose mask aside what the education ministry also gave.
“Before you enter the class you are to wash your hand and check tour temperature” the head of the school told the press.

Day 5 JHS 3 in school
Day 5 JHS 3 in school

“Our teachers are doing well to guid us to fight the virus by giving us strict measures; washing of hands with soap under running water and using the alcohol based sanitizer before entering the class and even after paying money or exchange something with friend in the school” Miss Gifty Dedegah of Visilica International School told Kings TV Kwabena Gyamfi.


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