Barima Sidney Dragged To Court Over ‘Papa No’ Song


Ghanaian musician, Berima Sidney has been threatened with a lawsuit after he released a song titled ‘Papa No’.

Though Sidney did not mention who the ‘Papa No’ is in his song, others have been using images of other people to create an impression.

Speaking in an interview with Halifax Ansah-Addo on Okay FM’s ‘Best Entertainment’ Show which was monitored by, Sidney confirmed that he is being dragged to court due to the song he released.

He explained that he has not released any video of the song, but some people have used a photo of Ex-President John Mahama to create an impression that he is the ‘Papa No’.

The popular musician known for composing political songs said he has leant his lessons so he was careful not to mention anyone’s name in the song.

He detailed the song describes the activities of this man—‘Papa No’ but it doesn’t say anything about who he is.

Berima Sidney further advised those who are attaching the images of the former president to the song to stop.

He stated that his management will come out with a statement soon.

Watch the video below.


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