All rappers who tried copying Sarkodie couldn’t make it – Bosom Pyung


“Being different and not trying to copy anybody’s style will make you relevant and your works will be appreciated for long.” These were the words of rapper Bosom Pyung on why he is focused on being himself.

According to the ‘Atta Adwoa’ hitmaker, it takes just more than having a great voice for one to be a great musician. He added that one’s personal style and his uniqueness is the trump card for any artiste who wants to be ahead.

In an interview with actress Nana Ama McBrown on the McBrown’s Kitchen show, Bosom Pyung said because he wanted to stay relevant for long, he has decided not to copy anyone.

He added that artistes like Michael Jackson are indelible in our minds because it wasn’t just because of the music he did but his uniqueness.

Stressing on why he decided to chart a different course on the Ghanaian music scene, Bosom Pyung said a careful glance across the industry will reveal that all artiste who began their careers by copying the style of rapper Sarkodie couldn’t make it.

Look Lil Win, he came with his style, Soulja Boy, Kwadee also came with his style, Buk Bak too, they all brought their styles. When you bring your style you stay long rather than copying someone. That’s why I have seen that all acts tried copying Sarkodie couldn’t make it,” he said.

Bosom Pyung is a graduate of the University of Ghana. His ultimate rise to the limelight was his iconic ‘Atta Adowa’ video which was shared on social media and caught the attention of all music lovers. He is beginning to carve a name for himself in the local music industry and his uniqueness is adored by all.



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